The mind affects the body.   The body affects the mind.


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 "I can easily say working with Sheryl was the best decision I ever made."  

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Turning to food for comfort?

This free download might help...

Wouldn’t it be nice if while you stayed-in-place, so did your weight?

Life feels uncertain... but you don't get more chill by making your way to the bottom of the ice cream. 

If during this collective pause, your 'paws' are in the fridge like every hour, and if your jeans seem to be shrinking... 

Enjoy this special program as my gift during this time of the Coronavirus.


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"Despite all of the turmoil currently in my life, our session has reminded me of the strength  I have inside to be okay. I have been more equipped to deal with everyday stressors that come up... my demeanor remains more calm." 
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Let's get real. When you fill your plate with real, whole food, your body & mind will thank you. 

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What fills your mind?  Since this is the command center for your life, let's make it empowering!

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What do you believe in? What creates the wind in your sail, and lifts your wings so you soar?

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Find Your Healthy

Finding your way back to health can be confusing and overwhelming. The should and should not's are always changing, and there's a myriad of conflicting information out there.  To top it all off, it's just not convenient.  

It doesn't have to be that difficult....  



Are you tired of feeling sick and tired?

If you step on a nail, would you leave the nail in your foot, and take an aspirin to mask the pain?

Of course you wouldn't. You would first remove the cause of your pain (the nail) and then treat the injury (broken skin, bleeding), potential downstream repercussions (infection), and of course the symptoms (pain, difficulty walking, etc). 

Unfortunately, our culture tends to treat the symptoms, and unless the cause is obvious we don't search hard enough for it. Sometimes you need to swim pretty far upstream to find the root cause(s) of symptoms, and if there have been more band-aids than nail removals, the process can be like the proverbial peeling an onion.

But if removing the nail equates to the spontaneous reversal of the pain, discomfort and potential for widespread infection, isn't it worth the journey?

Swimsuit ready? Let's dive in!


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"My sleep was completely transformed in a 20 minute session with Sheryl....  I had been waking up, jolted out of bed, immediately stressed consistently for about 8 years...  since then I have been able to sleep soundly.


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Coaching. A little help goes a long way!

It can be confusing knowing where to start, and navigating the twists and turns in getting well can be challenging.  When you work with a coach, you experience the gift of having a teacher, mentor, advocate and guide all in one.

A coach helps you determine the best path forward to reach your goals, and then will stay with you along your journey to provide tools, tips and encouragement to make the steady progress that gets you to your end game. 

Learn More!

Our Process

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We live in a toxic world. 

Our food supply is riddled with more than 15,000 chemicals - many of which don't have to be listed on ingredient labels. Our air and water add to our toxic burden, and stress is at an all time high.

There is a way out, and a better way forward with a little help...

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Restoration begins with reparation.

Toxins can manifest in many different ways.  Symptoms may run the spectrum from fatigue & brain fog, to irritability, skin conditions and more. The ultimate manifestation is chronic disease. 

The trick is to first repair any harm that was done from toxicity or lifestyle...

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You've unloaded the toxic burden. 

Reparation is underway to get you back to that healthy place.  Now it's time to restore the nutrients, good bugs, healthy habits and positive self talk to set you firmly on your new path. 

Get ready to reclaim your life! 



What they're saying....

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