About Us

Well it's really about you...


Whole life, whole you.

More than any one habit, program, dietary theory or healthy practice, Renew to Health is a whole life experience. Our holistic, integrative approach has been designed to help you regain your health in all areas of your life, by first removing the toxins, blocks and overwhelm that may be sabotaging your efforts. Our programs have been developed to find the root cause of your dis-ease and get you back on your path to wellness.


Welcome to the rest of your life!

Your Life Wheel

A healthy lifestyle happens on and off your plate. Your life wheel helps you determine where a little attention is needed to keep you rolling along at your healthy pace.

A Personalized Plan

Core to our process is honoring you as an individual. Each person is unique, with their own lifestyle preferences, experiences, family dynamics and bio-individuality.

New Healthy Habits

One of the most difficult bridges to cross is from knowing to doing. More than good intentions, consciously creating new habits is essential to creating lasting change.

Dis-ease begins below the surface, with symptoms appearing often years or decades after the process has begun.

Renew to Health is dedicated first and foremost to wellness and prevention - that is keeping you healthy before dis-ease can begin.

But we recognize that chronic disease is at an epidemic high, and our programs are geared to helping our clients through a process that begins with root cause analysis, and follows a personalized path to detox, repair, and restore the body and mind to health and wellness.

Meet Sheryl Anjanette, C.Ht, INHC


Sheryl Anjanette, Renew to Health Founder and Chief Visionary Officer is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.


With a background as a business communication specialist and marketing executive, Sheryl has worked for more than 25 years with the power of words and phraseology and the way nonverbal communication can effect perceptions and exchanges in subtle but significant ways. This passion for the use of language to empower, create alignment and congruency in self and with others is what led her to integrative hypnotherapy as a powerful set of tools for her offerings.


Her decades of passion and dedication to health and wellness is what led her to shift her focus from corporate America to building Renew to Health. With a focus on mind, body and spirit, Renew to Health provides coaching, hypnotherapy, programs, and live events to support clients in their journey to renew to health.