Don't Feed The Fears

Uncategorized May 16, 2020

Going into hibernation, or feeding the beast?

Uncertainty-it’s definitely the word of the day! But the truth is, uncertainty is just a part of life and so is fear…

In fact, the right amount of fear – in what I call the healthy zone – serves us. It’s necessary for survival.

 So, I’m not a believer in being fearless. Only a about making sure that that fear stays in the zone, and becomes a launch to curiosity, creativity, resilience and ultimately opportunity which is the crown jewel.

How easy it is to feed the fears and have them turn into the beast. You know what I mean… It’s like a downward spiral from fear to anxiety and immobilizing depression. But it doesn’t have to go that way.

Let’s get curious. Let’s get creative. Let’s feed ourselves with gratitude, resilience, hope and solutions. These nourish us. They do not deplete us.

We are not going into hibernation… We are just taking a pause. Taking a collective breath and evaluating the path where on.

Here are a few helpful things you can do right now, today:

  1. Breathe. There is no shortage of oxygen, and deeper they will immediately relax your nervous system take you out of the 'fight or flight' syndrome. It gives you the'ability to see more clearly.
  2. Observe. Look your fear right in the face. If there are questions, figure out where you might be able to get some answers now, and where they might come in later in their own time. And then just accept. Figure out what you can do… What you are in control of and do it. And be gentle with yourself because there’s much we cannot control right now, and we need to each find a way to be okay with that.
  3. Give. Ask yourself, 'where can I help?' Some have money, some have time, and we all have compassion. Do you have a special skill or knowledge? Maybe it’s just making a call to someone who is lonely or elderly. Whatever your contribution is, when you get give, I promise  you will be blown away by what you will receive in return. This is humanity at its best.
  4. Create. The creativity process spans everything from artistic endeavors to writing, to problem-solving. This can be for you or for others. Just be still, and you will see that whether it’s a pen in your hand, a laptop or smart phone, clay or paints, creativity is what moves us forward.
  5. Listen. Listen to yourself first. Go inward… Maybe the places you’ve been avoiding for a while.  Each of us has some healing to do. Next, listen-actively listen to those around you. Those you may hear constantly but have not truly listened to. Listen without judgment. Listen with an intent to understand. Listen with compassion. This is much more difficult than it sounds… but the understanding it brings is beyond measure.

This is a time to still our minds, still our hearts and be curious. To fill ourselves with wonder… How wonder-full!

By Sheryl Anjanette, C.Ht, INHC

Sheryl Anjanette is a mind|body integrative hypnotherapist, nutrition and whole life coach.  Her company, Renew to Health ( provides online programs and one-on-one coaching and rapid hypnotherapy to dissolve fears, blocks and limiting beliefs.


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