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Ready for a personalized roadmap to health?

When you work with a coach, setting goals, clarifying intentions and following through becomes so much easier.  You will have an advocate to guide and support you while sharing practical tools as you need them.  What may have seemed confusing, frustrating and overwhelming suddenly becomes understandable and doable.
The best way to know if a health coach is right for you is to schedule a free consultation.


Work one-on-one with a health coach to breakthrough self-limiting behaviors, develop new healthy habits, and finally reach and exceed your goals.  

Enjoy a complimentary consultation to get your questions answered, and make sure the fit feels right.



Healthy living is a family affair. Learn the strategies that help children thrive in life, and the swaps that make healthy choices their go-to.  Reset taste buds and develop the habits now as a family. 

We offer a special family consultation that includes individual assessments.



Group coaching is incredibly powerful. Benefit from the experiences of others in addition to your coach's support and direction.  You'll be able to continue to share in your group forum between sessions.

Join a group as an addition to your individual or family sessions, or on its own.


"After a lifetime of struggling with the roller coaster of diets, I found Sheryl's lifestyle approach to getting healthy easy and delicious. I have such different go-to's for meals and snacks without the cravings or guilt! I feel empowered and have so much more energy. Sheryl is also so encouraging - I look forward to our calls!""

Melissa K.

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