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I've created this free program to help you through this 'ruff time...     

 Eating Through Uncertainty 

Heading to the fridge like 11 times a day?

Do you feel more comfortable at the bottom of that bag of chips, or more 'chill' at the bottom of the ice cream tub?

Eating for comfort can be.... well, uncomfortable!


Wouldn't it be nice to look back at this time and know that while you stayed-in-place, so did your weight?

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I cannot thank Sheryl enough for changing my perception of food, and more importantly getting me to love myself again."


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When life feels uncertain...

Emotions may turn to food. 

Emotions are funny things. They just don't listen to logic.  Ever. 

They also happen to be stored in our subconscious mind, and they launch from the right side of our brain, which is a separate hemisphere from the left, logical side of the brain.

So from the perspective of both the brain (think computer) and mind (think software), emotions are pretty distanced from the world of logic and reasoning.

It's a little bit like Mars & Venus!

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After years of struggling with eating disorders and hating my own body, Sheryl helped me restore my relationship to food and myself.   


The Recording

Emotional eating is a common response to feelings that are somehow trapped. It can feel like we're trying to eat our emotions or  fill a void. It can happen from boredom, loneliness, anger, frustration, sadness or oh, so many different emotions.  But there is a way to manage the beast. 

In this deeply relaxing hypnotherapy recording, your subconscious will be guided to a place of knowing and awareness. It will be given positive suggestions that focus on the root of many emotional eating behaviors; self-love and self-esteem.  Through the session your subconscious is reprogrammed to deal with uncertainty with grace, calm and understanding. 

Building upon a base of self-love, you to a place of choice when it comes to food and overall health.  

You will be given the suggestions to eat light, eat right and move more and you may find yourself doing these things naturally, without a feeling of deprivation.

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Hypnosis, or hypnotherapy bypasses the waking conscious mind where many of our blocks occur, to resolve and dissolve old beliefs, habits or emotional residue that no longer serve us.
Hypnotherapy can be a rapid and powerful way to realign our emotions with our intentions.
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Meet Sheryl Anjanette

Your Mind Guide & Health Coach

Sheryl Anjanette is a Hypnotherapist and Integrative Nutrition & Whole Life Health Coach.  With a background as a communications specialist for more than 25 years, Sheryl has a unique perspective on the many ways communication can help or hinder us in our life.  In taking a deep dive into the subconscious, she has uncovered how our language and messaging can all too easily create misunderstandings that keep us from getting the results we desire.

By coupling this understanding with the powerful abilities the subconscious holds to manifest our heart's desires, she has put together tools that assist us to once and for all get clear, aligned and congruent so we can experience the magic in our own lives.

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Sheryl made the experience so enjoyable. She is calming, kind and truly wonderful at what she does.   

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