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On this merry-go-round we call life, your view will change as you go 'round and 'round and up and down. Each part of your life has its own layers and you can bet that if you're feeling unhealthy in one area it will impact the others. 

We know there are no silver bullets or quick fixes, but there are meaningful changes - some very small, with big payoffs.  The best way to continue to move to your healthiest you is to be aware first of what needs attention, and then create a plan to close those gaps and renew to health.

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Do you ever feel like you have so much going on its hard to stop and focus on what needs attention? Let us help you pull those balloons flying in different directions back to your center, and create a manageable plan to re-inflate them so you can soar!

Your Life Wheel


Does your love relationship have intimacy and trust?  Do you feel happy and supported with this person?  How is your communication?  What do you both put into the relationship to keep it loving, fresh and joyful?

How is you social network?  Do you have at least five people who you know always have your back, and who you really enjoy spending time with?  What do each of you do to support your friendship?  How is the rest of your social network - do you have a spiritual or activities based group you enjoy socializing with?

Family dynamics can be complex. Each of us has our individual relationships with each family member, and then there are group dynamics that affect all members.  How are your individual and group relationships with the members of your family?  How are your relationships with extended members of your family?  


How is your health?  Are you dealing with any diagnosed illnesses, or warnings about "pre" conditions you need to address? Do you have any undiagnosed symptoms, or worries about misdiagnosis?  How is your stress? Do you experience anxiety on a daily basis? Do you have strategies to deal with your stress or anxiety?

How would you rate your fitness level?  Do you have a regular routine?  Do you set goals and have benchmarks to maintain your level of fitness? Do you feel motivated to exercise?

Have you considered how your environment impacts your health and peace-of-mind?  Are you able to open windows to let in some fresh air, and/or have a good air filter to manage the environmental toxins? Do you use organic cleaning products?

How is your environment organized?  Do you keep things neat and clean?  Have you decorated your home, office or other areas that you spend a lot of time in a way that helps you relax and makes you feel good?


Whether you work for compensation (employed or self-employed), in the home, and/or work for a cause, what you do has a tremendous impact on your health and wellness.  Do you get joy and passion from your work life?  Do you deal with an inordinate amount of stress? (even good stress is still stress...)  Do your competencies intersect with your passion?  Does what you do have a positive impact on others?

How does your financial picture look right now?  Do you have any debt?  How is your income:expense ratio?  Financial stress can have a major impact on our health and peace-of-mind. What is your plan to improve your financial picture?

Continuous learning is how we thrive. It keeps our mind sharp and our mindset flexible and adaptable.  What do you enjoy reading, listening to and watching? Are you open to other points of views you do not necessarily agree with?  Are there people in your life who stimulate your mind?


Let's start with this - everyone is creative.  As Albert Einstein said, "Creativity is intelligence having fun."  You do not need to be an artist to be creative. When was the last time you solved a problem?  Do you relax when you don't know what to do and suddenly find the answer comes?  Using your intuition, and looking for solutions that are not immediately obvious is a creative endeavor. And maybe there is a budding artist in you that you haven't met yet....

This is the question of the ages. Some lucky people are very clear about their purpose, and have found their life's work and tribe that are part of that. But most are still in search of this alluring and elusive concept.  What is your super power? Where do you shine and how does that intersect with what you are passionate about?  

It is interesting that happiness is what most people are in search of.  We know there's a connection between the mind and body, and research suggests the link between positive emotions and good physical health as well as negative emotions and illness. 

What makes you smile? Where do you find your joy? Who in your life contributes to your happiness and conversely who and what depletes it?  Is your inner critic getting you down?


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