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What makes you healthy may seem like its the same as someone else, but with so many factors such as age, weight, gender, physical condition, family history, other medical conditions, environment, mental health, behavioral habits and more, at some level everyone does better when they are working with a plan that considers their unique circumstances.

You're A Special Breed!

There's a term called bio-individuality that refers to the unique biology of each person on the planet.  We know that our genetics and ancestory play a role in health, but did you know that your microbiome - the microbes that live in the human body - is unique to you? 

It has long been known that bacteria are involved in certain body processes, such as digesting food, producing chemicals such as serotonin and many hormones and vitamins, but the microbiome appears to have a much broader impact on our health than was previously realized, such as influencing the susceptibility to certain infectious diseases and positively or negatively contributing to disorders such as depression, anxiety, obesity and diabetes. Our microbiome may also contribute to the development of chronic illnesses  such as Crohn's disease and irritable bowel syndrome. A mother's microbiome may even affect the health of her children!


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