Sometimes you just need to hit the reset button....


Detox - did you ever think about what that means?

The "tox" is for toxins.  Basically another way for poisons - things that hurt us and can literally throw our bodies and minds into havoc.


But what are we detoxing? 


Look, you know I talk a lot about mind/body health.

Certainly we need to detox our bodies from food and environmental toxins.


BUT - don't forget about the mind!  I'm not talking about the brain - your hard drive. Let's assume that get's detoxed when we work on our food and environment.


I'm talking about the software that runs your life - your mind.

So where do toxins fit in?  Or should I say, where do they reside, because they certainly don't belong there.


Well it starts with our beliefs. Sometime we get unhealthy beliefs that can poison our life...  like "I'm not lovable,"  or "I'm not smart," or "I always get it wrong."   Then these beliefs become our thoughts - which become our words, actions, and our life. 


To really get a full reset, it takes a mind/body approach.


Detox and Reset

Navigating a toxic environment.


We cannot see them, and most have no odor. We trust our regulatory bodies that are supposed to keep us safe. But have we been deceived? Toxins permeate our lives. They are in the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink and products we use to groom ourselves and clean our homes.


The toxic overload in our bodies is the leading cause of chronic diseases such as Alzheimers, Cancer, Diabetes, Autoimmune diseases and more. Our detox pathways are overwhelmed and need help to function as they were meant to.Let's stop the cycle of preventable disease that is robbing us of our energy prosperity and longevity!

Mind Mastery


How do we know if our minds have toxins?  I mean, if we have beliefs, well, we believe them right?  They are our reality.  


Well that's the issue exactly. Our beliefs ARE our reality.  But they are not THE reality. You see, we see the world through our own lens and our lens is our beliefs. To know if they are toxic, all you need to do is look at your reality.  Look at your life.  


Do you have abundance, love, joy and prosperity?  Do you wake up with a grateful heart and a mind full of creative possibilities?


Or is there want, need, fear, or a feeling of lack in your mind?  Lack of money, lack of choice, lack of happiness, lack of love...


If you have any of these, you have some toxic overload.  This is how you know if it's there.  Would you like to know how to fix this? How to remove the toxins so you can live a life of joy, abundance and love?