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Unlock Ebook

Unlock the Secret Code To Your Subconscious Mind Ebook

Change your mind change your life. In this comprehensive 52-page ebook, you'll learn what is going on below the surface in our subconscious minds, and how to speak its language. Unlock this code to make the small shifts that create big changes!

$27.00 USD

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Affirmations Workbook

Affirmations are incredibly powerful, but they're not enough by themselves. In order for them to really work the conscious and subconscious mind need to be aligned.

This 24-page work book provides the knowledge, examples and a process for you to build your own personal affirmations to help you manifest your greatest desires.

$38.00 USD

Self Talk Swaps Workbook

Self-talk Swaps Workbook

You talk to yourself more than anyone else. Do you know what you're saying? Even more importantly, do you know what your subconscious hears?

In this 20-page workbook, you will learn how to swap negative, disempowering communication with a new internal dialogue of manifestation and purpose. This workbook is designed to bring about small shifts that will give you big results!

$35.00 USD

Hypnotherapy Recordings

The Confidence Reset

Self-doubt can sabotage your confidence. Do you find yourself procrastinating, or having trouble making decisions? Do you wonder about being good enough? Where does it come from? How is it holding you back?

In this deeply relaxing hypnotherapy recording your subconscious will be given suggestions to find and release the root cause(s) of self-doubt so your confidence can soar. And the best part is that it's yours! You can listen as often as you'd like.

$47.00 USD

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Release the Weight

Weight is a weighty issue. This hypnosis recording will help you to reprogram your subconscious mind using language that is clear and understandable, to help release the unwanted inches and gain back your best body. The bonuses have been designed to support the suggestions in this recording to reset the mind for success.

$47.00 USD

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Eating Through Uncertainty

Emotional eating. Eating our emotions. It's a common response to feelings that are somehow trapped. To a sense of needing to fill a void. It can happen from boredom, loneliness, anger, frustration, sadness or oh, so many different emotions. But there is a way to manage the beast. In this deeply relaxing hypnotherapy recording, your subconscious will be given suggestions that focus on the root of many emotional eating behaviors - self-love and self-esteem. The listener is then guided to a place of choice when it comes to food and overall health with suggestions to eat light, eat right and move more.

$47.00 USD

Deep Relaxation

Relax to Sheryl's soothing voice as she teaches your body and mind to find a state of pure relaxation where you can go anytime.

In this special recording, your subconscious  will be guided to to find your inner place of peace, where you are safe, relaxed and can find your inner wisdom. Your subconscious will also be trained to automatically relax whenever you say the word "relax."

$47.00 USD

Purpose Sign pointing to the right

Your Life On Purpose & With Purpose

Living a life on purpose and with purpose brings meaning and energy to life. If you have been struggling to find your purpose, or would like to validate what you already sense it is, this hypnotherapy recording is for you. You will find yourself making decisions more easily, finding ways to breakdown barriers and break through excuses, and moving forward with greater clarity and confidence.

$47.00 USD


Unlock the Secret Code to Your Subconscious Mind Course

This course takes a deep dive into the code of the subconscious. You'll explore the 4 levels of consciousness, learn about how beliefs are formed, where blocks, fears and limiting beliefs com from and what to do about them.


This course also looks at mindset, habits and motivation, and how to reset your self-talk to move you ahead in life. You will have the tools and internal resources to reprogram your mind for abundance, love and happiness.

The Unstuck Challenge

We all get stuck, but sometimes it feels impossible to move forward. What is keeping you from breaking through to live your dreams?


Lets give you some quick wins...


Join this 4 day challenge to learn quick and easy techniques to get unstuck right away. Whether it's a lack of... money, time, hope, resources, love, or something else, or too much... uncertainty, fear, responsibility, expectations, this challenge will leave you feeling calm, centered and ready, able and willing to take the small steps that lead to big rewards. The ability to live your life your way.


Are you in??

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