Coaching With Sheryl


I have been working with Sheryl now for several months. As a person who has struggled with my weight, I have done a few diets in my life, and felt that I really understood what it takes to diet. But Sheryl's approach is a bit different. Instead of just telling me how much to eat, what to eat, and how much to exercise, she has taught me things I didn't fully understand. For example, why processed food is hurting us so much. The importance of buying organic.... Even though you think you know these things, her ability to explain it takes it to a whole new level.


Through working with Sheryl, I have ended up doing a cleanse, which I never thought I needed to do. But I did benefit. Sheryl structured the cleanse so that I didn't feel hungry or deprived.


The other thing that Sheryl is great at is building the knowledge at a good pace. She hasn't tried to cram it all in at once, but instead is prepared each session with what we have done so far, and what is the next lesson. And although we only met by phone, her style is caring and therefore her compassion shines through. I really feel good about the work we have done so far. I would highly recommend Sheryl as a health coach.



Hypnotherapy With Sheryl


I  can easily say working with Sheryl was one of the best decisions I have ever made. After years of struggling with eating disorders and hating my own body, she helped me restore my relationship to food and myself.


Like many, I was skeptical of hypnotherapy, but Sheryl made the experience so enjoyable. She is calming, kind and truly wonderful at what she does. I cannot thank her enough for changing my perception of food, and more importantly getting me to love myself again.



Hypnotherapy With Sheryl


This is not the type of hypnosis where you are asked to bark like a dog while standing on one leg. That type of entertainment hypnosis has never worked on me, and therefore, I was skeptical of being able to be hypnotized. But Sheryl explained how the subconscious mind works, and what her process would be.


Before we began, she made sure she knew what my goals were so that she could "implant" these things into my subconscious mind. It was easy to relax with Sheryl because of both the trust I feel with her as my health coach, and her calming voice. During the session she maintained an ongoing dialogue which also helped me relax into it. After my sessions, I felt that some of the things that I wanted to happen did start happening.


For example, after I was hypnotized by Sheryl it was easier for me to resist some of the things we worked on. One of those things to help me with my sleep is to keep my phone off during the night. Even if I wake up, I no longer reach for my phone, and if I do want to I am able to reason with myself about how that will impact my sleep quality. Sheryl also helped me on my last trip to a casino.We wanted to go up to Reno, but I did not want to get into an unconscious gambling haze and lose a bunch of money. On my trip I did very little gambling, and when I did hit a jackpot I was able to cash it out and keep the money rather than just gambling it away. Both of these things have been very helpful in my life. We are still working on a few other things that take a bit more work, but I am convinced the hypnosis is very effective.





Thank you so much... yesterday's session was very good for me. I get a lot out of the work we do together. My little girl and I are spending a lot of time together. This is a very healing time.